Dear visitor,

The GRB tool is temporarly taken offline due to a high number of badly done import jobs that should realy have been merge jobs, where the tool was intented for.

This is a direct consequence of NOT reading the docs I wrote, writing a tool takes time, writing the docs even more. The only thing that is requested from the user is to read those docs and follow the guidelines laid out. Simple things like validating your work in JOSM and then fixing those validation issues don't seem to happen, making sure you don't have duplicate buildings, not messing up existing relations (buildings, site relations etc), not using the replace-geometry plugin (needed to replace the geometry and keep the history of a building intact),these required actions seem to be ignored in many cases.

We are seeing untranslated building tags blindly imported, stuff like 'building=verdieping' for example, it should simply NOT be in the OSM data when you have read and understood the documentation. The problem we face now is that certain mappers seem to be serial importers and fixing their work takes hours upon hours. So for us it is easier to revert this work and start over correctly. I really hate doing reverts like this.

We also find buildings over buildings (the same ones) , duplicate nodes, not using the simplify geometry to lower the number of new nodes we introduce (on bended parts for example). This all is mentioned in the docs.

Since this was a test tool in the first place, it seems that the test has failed on an unexpected aspect, the user...

If all we ever wanted to do with GRB data was dumping it in OSM we would not have made this tool. We could have done this in a weekend, a few scripts and some beers. But that was not the idea... The idea was to improve OSM data using GRB, match it to the official sources and make the combination of both better than it's counterparts. Lot's of times, OSM is a lot better already and GRB often has objects in it that are not entirely measured. I've seen nice OSM buildings being replaced with a GRB version that only reflects what is visible from the street in front of it (that's what those guys do with the yellow thing on a tripod, aka landmeter). It takes common sense to realize that should not happen.

Lot's of users have shown discipline in doing so, but the ones that didn't have caused damage we are trying to repair. It is never fun nor easy to revert someone's work, not technically, but also not mentally. We throw away time spent by the original mapper by wasting even more time of the mapper fixing the mistakes. This is counterproductive for OSM but also it will demotivate both parties at some point.

Let me be clear on one thing, I know plenty of users do a great job, they don't import too much at the same time and drip-feed OSM with GRB buildings -which is really great-, but they do not make up for the mess we are trying to clean up now.

So for now, we will be concentrating on fixing what we have now and prevent new issues by disabling this tool. If anyone has more questions or suggestions about this, you can mail me directly, use the mailing list or join us in our chat channel at riot

It's possible this will not be put online again for general use, I'm working on a new tool that will also cover NWR data (wegenregister) and add accountability features to track who's doing what and .. how is it getting done.